As a patient of Dartmouth Naturopathic we personally curate your supplement protocol. We only carry professional line products that provide research nutrients, effective doses and have been third party tested for purity & safety.

Dr. Tara has started her own personal line of supplements tailored to the unique demands of her patient base here in Dartmouth.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

We carry product from the following companies: Cytomatrix, Thorne, Vitazan, Naturpharm, NFH, Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Bio Botanical Research, Great Lakes Gelatin, Ascenta, Integrative Therapeutics, Biotics, Designs for Health, Signature Supplements, Palma Christi, VitaAid, Prescript Assist, Pascoe, Mountain Rose Herbs, Perfect Herbs, Viriditas Herbs, York Downs Pharmacy, Smiths Pharmacy.

ORDERING SUPPLEMENTS? Know how to order a pizza? Then you know how to get your supplements. Call or email in your order and we’ll have it ready pronto for you to pick up. You can also order from our online store FULLSCRIPT. Shipping rate is only $3.99 with free priority shipping for purchases over $150.

Organic Teas

We have a full line of organic, additive free herbal teas

We carry a full line of organic, additive free herbal teas. Dr. Tara started carrying these to avoid the pesticides that plague the tea industry, and also to avoid added flavouring. Even natural flavouring can come from unhealthy sources. 


  • Nettle Kidney Cleanse

  • Holy Basil Strength

  • Dawn Chorus Detox

  • Dream & Sleep

  • Fairytale & Relax

  • Fecundi for Pregnancy

  • Fidnemed Deep Sleep

  • Flashes Menopause

  • Happy Man

  • Tumeric Chai

  • Holy Basil Chai

  • Vanilla Roibos

  • Herbal Coffee


  • Classic Green Chai

  • Lapsang Smoky

  • Mango Ceylon

  • White Peony


  • Vata, Kapha, Pitta Blends

  • Triphala Bowel Cleanse

  • Dr. Tara's Female Balance

  • Dr. Tara's Male Balance

  • Dr. Tara's Energy Tea

  • Dr. Tara's Memory Tea

  • Dr. Tara's Digestive Tea

Custom Herbals

Our dispensary has over 100 different organic, fair trade and wild foraged herbal powders & loose teas. 

Try one of our custom blends or make your own mix suitable for boosting your smoothies or making herbal teas. 

Check back soon for our online order form.

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Genetic Testing is available through our clinic.

Click through to our provider account to receive free shipping on your 23andMe test kits plus 20% off all kits after your first one. Make sure to click "share my results with my provider" when registering your kit