One Dartmouth girls mission took an old junk food laden corner store, and turned it into Dartmouth's leading natural health care clinic…. goodbye sugar hello health!

I was born and raised just minutes from Dartmouth Naturopathic Health Centres current location. In fact, as a young child, I would drive my bicycle and visit this exact spot a few times each week for penny candies. Yes, our clinic location was once a corner store that catered to the unsuspecting sweet tooth in everyone living in the Pleasant Street neighbourhood! Now, grown up, I feel vindicated that I’ve turned an old junk food hub into a natural health hub, helping the people of Dartmouth avoid health hazards such as sugar and treat the ill health effects that come along with them. The transformation inspires me every day I step into the clinic, and my hope is to help guide your own personal health transformation!

Like many of you, when I was growing up I had not been introduced to natural health care. It wasn’t until my early 20’s, suffering from severe acne & anxiety and getting nowhere with the conventional medical model that I discovered another solution. I moved to Korea after graduating from Acadia University and was introduce to traditional medicines. I was able to implement simple dietary and lifestyle changes while starting a few key supplements and experienced a real change in my well-being.

It was during this experience that my life changed course. I was able to control my symptoms in a way that left me feeling empowered. I realized I had been suffering with adrenal fatigue, hormonal dis-regulation, food sensitivities and gut microbe imbalances. I was furious that none of my health care providers had ever discussed or explored these root causes with me nor discussed the importance of diet and lifestyle. The only options ever presented to me were pills like anti-anxiety meds, antibiotics and acutane which came with a whole host of drastic side effects, and left me feeling dependant and helpless. 

Seeing the change in myself I was motivated to learn everything I could about natural health care and bring home and share only the very best solutions with my family, friends and community. I was accepted to enter studies at the Canadian College Of Naturopathic Medicine, and after 4 years in medical school I had become a registered Naturopathic Doctor. Since graduating I have made efforts to continually travel across the world to study with leaders in natural health care. The accumulation of this knowledge has come together to create Dartmouth Naturopathic Health Centre. For the last 6 years it’s been my way of serving our community and helping our patients achieve optimal health. I want you to enjoy good health so that you can live out your dreams. I want to see Dartmouth thrive one healthy patient at a time!

If you’re ready to thrive we have an amazing team at Dartmouth Naturopathic Health Clinic ready to guide your path. 

Give us a call today to book in for your initial assessment. Best of all, our sessions are covered by most extended health care plans!

Yours in health,

Dr. Tara Lapointe ND & Clinic Founder