As part of our functional approach to health care, our ND’s believe in uncovering the root cause of your symptoms. We offer an array of cutting edge tests from accredited labs across North America that help us get there. Don't guess, test. Below are several of our most commonly run tests:

Rocky Mountain Analytical FST IgG food sensitivity blood testing

Find out what foods are triggering your IgG white blood cells leading to chronic inflammation, digestive disorders, skin ailments, mood concerns, joint pain, headaches and even more. 

Rocky Mountain Analytical urinary toxic elements testing

Canada releases upwards of 1 billion kg of reproductive toxins & 32 million kg of carcinogenic & hormone disrupting toxins yearly. Heavy metals, being among these toxins, can be tested in urine. If toxic levels are identified, a natural chelation (removal) program can be put in place. Heavy metals have been associated with many chronic health concerns including cancer, moods disorders, chronic pain, fatigue and even cardiovascular disease.

Rocky Mountain Analytical month long salivary hormone testing

Salivary hormone testing is the most comprehensive & easy way to map out month long hormone fluctuations to identify cycle dependant complaints such as infertility, PMS, mood swings, migraines & irregular bleeding.

Precision Analytical DUTCH urinary hormones testing

The urinary hormone test overcomes many limitations of standard blood tests. By collecting samples over a 24 hour period you are able to overcome the daily fluctuation in hormones and get a daily average. Urine testing is able to catch many more hormonal metabolites of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol allowing for the most thorough assessment on the market currently.

Doctors Data CDSA (comprehensive digestive stool analysis) testing

“All disease starts in the gut” said Hippocrates. Doctors Data is North Americas leader in digestive analysis. Their tests pinpoint the causes of gastrointestinal symptoms & chronic systemic conditions by measuring beneficial and abnormal microbial growth, digestive capability and intestinal inflammation. This test will also identify which natural products effectively tackle the dysbiotic microbes cultured in your sample.

Genova SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) breath testing

SIBO is the leading cause of IBS and many other systemic concerns. SIBO is diagnosed with a simple breath test which measures gases produced by bacteria that have overgrown in the small intestine. Once identified, it can be treated effectively with a natural protocol.

Genova Organix OAT (urinary organic acids) testing

Using a single urine sample, this test is able to assess over 70 markers evaluating intestinal microbial infections, metabolism, detoxification & neurotransmitter breakdown. Based on the results, appropriate supplementation is recommended to overcome metabolic blocks. 

Spectracell cardiometabolic testing

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death. Standard cholesterol tests run through our provincial health care can miss that you are at risk. This test offers a clinically relevant evaluation to help define risk for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and inflammation so that an appropriate treatment plan can be put in place. 

Spectracell Micronutrient testing

Preventative supplementation starts with knowing your bodies nutrient levels. This test measures the function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids withinyour white blood cells, pinpointing deficiencies. This is the way you can streamline your supplements to your personal requirements. 

Labrix Neurotransmitter urinary testing

If you’ve been struggling with mood disorders this urinalysis is the most accurate and sensitive way touncover which of your neurotransmitters are imbalanced. This allows a more effective tailored approach to neuroendocrine imbalances which can be corrected with supplementation, diet and lifestyle interventions.

Nutrigenomic SNP testing through 23andme

Genetic testing opens up a whole world of discovery: from your ancestry to disease risks. Our NDs use the raw genetic material provided by 23andme to assess your detoxification and methylation risks and help you manage them through a comprehensive diet, lifestyle and supplement plan. You can think of your genetics as the gun, lifestyle as the trigger. Knowing your genetic risks helps you take proactive measures to protect yourself.

*A variety of comprehensive blood tests including complete thyroid panels are offered by referral at local private labs

**DNHC carries most tests offered by the following labs: Rocky Mountain Analytical, Genova Diagnostics, Doctors Data, Spectracell, Precision Analytical, Labrix, Cyrex, IGeneX, & Meridian Valley


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