COMING SOON! Dr. Tara will be offering the latest technique in relaxation. Using her training in Yoga, Meditation & Naturopathic medicine she will guide 90 minute classes that use gentle postures, guided meditation and music to bring on a deep state of relaxation furthered by the insertion of acupuncture needles (or needle-less acupuncture seeds) in the final resting posture. Each class will have a focus, working through different energetic channels to release blockages and allow for a sense of deep renewal. 

This is an inexpensive way to reek the rewards of acupuncture and activate the deep healing state of the parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous system. Most of our dis-ease comes from an overstimulation of our sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system. With the demands placed on us day by day in our hectic hyperconnected society it can be hard to make the time for self care. Dr. Tara knows that spare time is limited which is why she’s put together this class combining many of the best relaxation techniques available giving you the most benefit for minimal investment. 

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