Naturopathic Consultations

Initial Visit $180         

Reassessment Visit $155

Extended Follow Up Visit  $125

Facial Rejuvenation $130

Follow Up Visit $100  

Acute Visit $60  

Email consultation (available to existing patients only) $20

Naturopathic Injection Therapies

*Available only to patients of the clinic

B12 Injections  $25-35

Nutrient Infusions $85 and up

Glutathione Infusions $60

High dose Vitamin C Infusions $105-175

Ozone MAH (Major Auto Hemotherapy) Infusion $140

Chelation Infusion $60-140

Neural Therapy $80

Prolozone Therapy $90

*Many more infusions and injections services are available!

Naturopathic tests

*Available only to patients of the clinic

In-House Urinalysis  $10

Blood Food Sensitivities  $250-380

Urinary Toxic Heavy Metal  $89-198

Urinary Hormone Analysis   $299-399

Complete Blood Nutrients $425

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Breath Test $200

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) $450

*Many other advanced tests are available!

Initial Visit $90

Follow up Visit $75

Acupuncture with Sara Lyttle