B12 is a vitamin used to help with energy, poor memory, mood disorders, adrenal fatigue, herpes & shingles outbreaks, for cardiovascular health, and to increase metabolism & detox. Commonly low in females, vegetarians, the elderly, and those taking prescription medications.

Dartmouth Naturopathic offers an array of quick booster shots to bypass the digestive tract i order to get 100% absorption of this crucial nutrient.

B12 Classic Shot

1000mcg of methylcobalamine B12 or Hydroxycobalamine B12

DNHC uses methylcobalamine which is the neuro-active form of B12. Unlike most supplements and injections used in the mainstream market, this B12 can bypass a common cellular step, providing more usable B12 for the body.

B12 5000 Shot

With the same volume of fluid as the B12 Classic Shot, boost up your B12 5 fold. Great for those with MTHFR mutations, those unable to get frequent injections, and/or those with extremely low B12 levels in their blood work.

B12 Detox Shot

The addition of methylated folate improves the bodies ability to detox properly, especially for those with known MTHFR mutations. 

Methyl folate is used to increase energy, for fertility, cardiovascular health, and for healthy moods.

B12 Slim Shot

Methionine, Innositol, Choline enhance the livers capability to metabolize fat. Chromium helps to regulate blood sugars. With the added boost that B12 has on metabolism, this combo is a helpful addition to any weight loss protocol, especially for diabetics.

B12 Clam Shot

The addition of magnesium to our detox shot increases muscle relaxation, decreases pain and headaches, improves hormone balance, reduces blood pressure and regulates blood sugar.

B12 Vitality Shot

The addition of biotin to our detox shot provides an important nutrient involved in the proper growth of hair, skin and nails. Healthy tissue growth is a sign of true vitality.

B12 Immune Shot

A great option for boosting the immune system in preparation for cold and flu season. Viatrexx Immunexx formula is added to our classic B12 shot.


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